Virginia Administrative Code

Title 12. Health

Agency 5. Department of Health

Chapter 371. Regulations for the Licensure of Nursing Facilities


Section   10 Definitions



Comprehensive plan of care



Section   20 [Repealed]

Section   30 License

Section   40 Licensing process

Section   50 [Repealed]

Section   60 On-site inspections

A.       unannounced on-site inspections

Section   70 Complaint investigation

A.       OLC has the responsibility to investigate

B.       written or oral form and may be anonymous

Section   80 Variances

Section   90 Administrative sanctions

Section 100 Surrender of a license

Section 110 Management and administration

Part II. Administrative Services

A. license required

B. must comply with:

1. regulations (12VAC5-371);

2. federal, state or local laws and regulations

3. policies and procedures.

K. family council

Section 120 Governing body

Section 130 Administrator

Section 140 Policies and procedures

A. required

D. administrative and operational

E. personnel

F. financial

G. available for review

H. available to staff

Section 150 Resident rights

A.       policies and procedures required

B.       rights uder law, staff training, grievances

C.        posting contact information

D.       given to resident

E.        review with resident annually

F.        certification required

G.       register with State Police

H.       registered sex offender

I.         meetings of families and legal representatives

Section 160 Financial controls and resident funds

Section 170 Quality assessment and assurance

Section 180 Infection control

Section 190 Safety and emergency procedures

Section 200 Director of nursing

Part III. Resident Services

A.       required

B.       duties and responsibilities

Section 210 Nurse staffing

A.       nursing supervisor required; duties

B.       certified nurse aides required

C.        education, training and experience requirements

Section 220 Nursing services

A.       resident care policies and procedures required

B.       plan of care

C.        clinically avoidable complications

D.       daily personal attention and care; documentation required

E.        clothing

F.        tub or shower baths

G.       incontinent residents

H.       notice of changes in condition

Section 230 Medical direction

Section 240 Physician services;  medical plan of care

Section 250 Resident assessment and care planning

A.       required; contents

B.       complete periodic review required

C.        periodic review required

D.       register nurse required

E.        health professionals required

F.        comprehensive plan of care review required

G.       comprehensive plan of care required

H.       comprehensive plan of care required within 7 days

I.         comprehensive plan of care multidisciplinary team required; resident participation

Section 260 Staff development and inservice training

A.       orientation required

B.       annnual inservice training required

C.        training program required

D.       training record required

E.        nurse aide inservice training required

F.        nurse aide inservice training 12 hours per year

G.       reporting abuse, neglect, exploitation; consequences for failing to report

Section 270 Social services

A.       comprehensive social services program required

B.       designated staff member required

C.        qualifications

D.       traning; knowledge

E.        documentation of social services provided required

Section 280 Resident activities

A.       required

B.       coordinator required; qualifications

C.        resident assessment required; participation in plan of care required

D.       community social and recreational opportunities

E.        documentation required

Section 290 Special rehabilitative services

A.       required

Section 300 Pharmaceutical services

Section 310 Diagnostic services

A.       required

Section 320 Dental services

A.       assistance required

B.       consultation and recommendation required

Section 330 Restraint usage; when permitted

Section 340 Dietary and food service program

Part IV. Support Services

A.       shall meet all applicable sections of 12VAC5-421

B.       manager required

C.        dietitian required

D.       dietitian duties

E.        dietary allowances requirements

F.        diet manual required

G.       staffing hours

H.       number of meals, intervals

I.         snacks required

J.         therapeutic diets

K.        food preparation area

L.        record retention required

M.      use of disposable dinnerware/tableware

Section 350 [Repealed]

Section 360 Clinical records

Section 370 Maintenance and housekeeping

Section 380 Laundry services

Section 390 Transportation

Section 400 Unique design solutions

Section 410 Architectural drawings and specifications

Section 420 Building inspection and classification

Section 425 Additional building regulations and standards

Section 430 [Repealed]