Long-Term Care Facilities Virginia



Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Resident Assessment Instrument

Quality Indicator Survey


QIS Care Areas and

Quality of Care or Quality of Life Indicators


Abuse 3 QCLIs

Abuse Prohibition Review - 3 QCLIs (same ones as Abuse)

Accidents 3 QCLIs

Activities 3 QCLIs

Activities of Daily Living, Cleanliness, Grooming - 4 QCLIs

Admission, Transfer, and Discharge Review 3 QCLIs

Choices 2 QCLIs

Community Discharge 1 QCLI

Death 1 QCLI

Dental Status and Services 3 QCLIs

Dignity 2 QCLIs

Environmental Observations 16 QCLIs

Food Quality 1 QCLI

Hospitalization 1 QCLI

Hydration 2 QCLIs

Notification of Change 1 QCLI

Nutrition 3 QCLIs

Pain Recognition and Management 2 QCLIs

Participation in Care Planning 2 QCLIs

Personal Funds Review 3 QCLIs

Personal Property 2 QCLIs

Physical Restraints 2 QCLIs

Positioning 1 QCLI

Pressure Ulcers 5 QCLIs

Privacy 2 QCLIs

Psychoactive Medications 2 QCLIs

Range of Motion 3 QCLIs

Skin Conditions (non-pressure related) - 1 QCLI

Social Services 2 QCLIs

Sufficient Nursing Staff Review 2 QCLIs

Tube Feeding 1 QCLI

Urinary Catheter Use 1 QCLI

Urinary Incontinence 1 QCLI